This topic came to me after the 18th bank commercial telling me that I can get “pre qualified in 60 seconds” and I feel compelled to chat with you about this, before you’re lead to believe that this is a helpful thing.

Getting “pre qualified” is being told what you want to hear, but being “qualified” is being told what you need to hear.

Being qualified is like preparing for a marathon – it’s the months of working out, stretching and eating right. It’s setting you up for success for a calculated and planned event, it’s setting you up to win. Being “pre-qualified” is like having someone whisper in your ear “you don’t need to do all that, you’re good to go, you’re in great shape”.. What happens in that case? On race day, who’s feeling good at the finish line? Who enjoyed their experience and celebrates the win? The “qualified” racer, or the “pre-qualified” racer?

Sure, you can hit any bank website and plug in your salary, and your down payment amount, and based on an automatic calculation some magic number will spit out – and chances are, you’ll like that magic number. But if you have several T4’s from several jobs, a few different streams of revenue, perhaps some debt, maybe some incoming our outgoing spousal support or a long list of other circumstances that are specific to you – that pre-qualificaion is out the window.

I provide unique and attentive service. I focus on YOU. I help turn you into a “qualified buyer” so your realtor can handle strong and aggressive negotiations on your behalf.

If you want sound advice from someone who’s willing to thoughtfully and carefully review your documents, your credit, your sources of downpayment and help you work towards achieving your dreams – then you need a professional, not a mortgage calculator.

It’s time you received the training you need – buying a home and appropriately structuring your financing IS a marathon. Call me if you need a new coach.

Rebecca Casey
Mortgage Professional
[email protected]